It's so good to have a goal!

My goal in business is to help my clients feel at ease during this process. You should feel like you can sit back and trust Blush and Blue Designs to take care of everything (everything paper related that is!). I know wedding planning can be terribly stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun! So here's my vow to you (see what I did there) I vow to help you limit the amount of stress the invitation process can cause, offering quick turn arounds, attention to detail and ensuring your invitations are assembled beautifully and mailed according to timelines.  Because I know at the end of the day, the last thing you want to be doing is licking 100 envelopes.  I also vow that this will be fun! My sweet couples love picking out color pallets and showcasing their love story through one-of-a-kind artwork!

Why Blush and Blue Designs?

Hey, Blush and Blue Designs, what makes you unique? Darling, I'm so glad you asked, because the short answer is actually very simple. What makes our design process unique, is you of course! We focus every detail and element of your custom wedding invitation design on you and your partner - the fun story of your love, your unique personalities, favorite activities and hobbies you do together, and any other quirks or details that make you, well, you! There's no templates or pre-designed art work to choose from (this is where our bespoke offerings come in) we build you a gorgeous suite from the ground up that you will love and be able to cherish for your lifetime together.  Want a custom portrait of your dog to be incorporated into your suite, how about the intricate lace details from your wedding dress, or your favorite Ermenegildo Zegna tie, or even the fun tile motifs used at your historical venue? I can help you craft and design the perfect wedding invitation that captures everything that makes the two of you special. Want to learn more about my custom wedding invitation design process? I would be happy to go over a design timeline and custom quote just for you!