Frequently Asked questions

Most of my brides and grooms are completely new to the idea of wedding invitation design. That's perfectly OK! Below is a small list of the most frequent questions my clients ask. But don't worry, if you have more questions I'm here for you every step of the way. Not quite sure if custom design is right for your event? Send me a message with any questions you have, I'd be happy to answer them. 


Do you hand paint and calligraphy each invitation?

This is THE question I get asked most frequently. There are actually two answers to this question depending on how it is asked.

I start each invitation design as it's own piece of customized artwork. So is your invitation 100% unique? YES! I never double dip on designs, and though stylistically some elements may be the same as I've used on other projects, your project is completely bespoke to your event and your theme.

Once I have the final design (see wedding invitation timeline breakdown) answer 2 comes in. No, I do not paint each individual invitation. The final invitation design is beautifully reproduced on high quality papers or another substrate we have spoken about. Depending on scope I may hand paint a flower or write the spot calligraphy (words such as RSVP, Reply, Directions, Menu etc.) on each piece, items such as escort cards and envelope addresses are always done be hand. 


What is spot calligraphy?

Spot calligraphy is using calligraphy sparingly throughout a layout anywhere you want a scripted style. While most of the piece will be in a particular font set, custom calligraphy can be created for things such as names, dates or other important information like the titles of each of your insert cards “RSVP” “Information” etc. Spot calligraphy can either be reproduced and printed along with your design or it can be applied by hand to each element after the initial design has been printed. the below wedding invitation is a good example of spot calligraphy use. This design was reproduced and printed onto each invitation. Notice the mixed use of serif typeface and spot calligraphy for the couples names and the venue location.

Spot calligraphy example, custom calligraphy mixed with serif type. Blush and Blue Designs

Can I have extra invites printed?

Of course! I will ask you before starting your project your estimated number of attendees. Before I send your final project to my printer I will ask you for your final totals, please feel free to include an overhead to have extras on hand should you want to include more guests, have a few heirloom pieces, and dont forget your photographer loves to have one or two to capture detail shots! It's much easier to add on to your totals before printing happens. I usually will recommend printing at least 10 more full suites than what your guest list is. 


Will you mail my invitations for me?

I'd love to! In fact this is already part of any of my wedding invitation packages. It's one less thing for you to worry about as you're busy tying up loose ends for your big day. I take care of running to the post office, obtaining exact postage, assembling all the invitations and making sure they arrive at the post office safe. Any extra invites will be mailed to you to have on hand.


What does "bespoke" mean?

Bespoke wedding invitations mean that you are getting a 100% custom designed suite just for you. All bespoke suites come with custom artwork and calligraphy that we discuss prior to starting your project. Every inch of your design is unique to you and your event. A bespoke invitation ensures that you and your guests will not be able to say "oh I seen that invitation design on *insert popular online wedding site here* "


I found this design I like on pinterest, etsy, online shop can you recreate it?

The laws of copyright prohibit me from copying any work seen elsewhere. Also where is the fun in designing a suite just for you if that suite has already been done before!? However, I love seeing inspiration from my clients that shows the style, look and feel they’re going for. If you have a pinterest board started for your wedding, I'd love to see it! This helps me set the tone for the design I sketch for you and ensures we are on the same page stylistically. 


Is the number on the quote you sent the final price?

The initial quotes I send are estimates based on the preliminary information I receive from my clients. Details such as number of pieces, the bare minimum paper essentials, my time for design, artwork creation and assembly will be included on the quote. Once we get further into your project and figure out if you want custom wax seals, any speciality papers, ribbons or other enclosure pieces I will add them and send the updated quote to you. I will NEVER add to the quote without making you aware of the change and receiving your approval to move forward. 


What kind of artwork do you offer?

Currently I offer pen and ink drawing, watercolor illustrations and paintings, and calligraphy in both a modern style and brush style, and in some cases more traditional italic and black letter styles. My style tends to be very loose and at some times whimsy, focusing more on form and feeling than on capturing true-to-life details. you can see examples of my illustration style in my portfolio and the shop.


Do I need to be local to you to work with you?

Absolutely not! In most cases my sweet brides and grooms are in other states than North Carolina, and I never actually meet face to face with them! We will talk via email, phone or skype to obtain the details needed for your suite. If you have a wedding planner chances are I may work solely through him/her as well. But, if you are local I love meeting up to discuss your design details and will even hand deliver your final invitation to you so I can see your excited reaction in person!


Do you require a phone consultation or meeting prior to working?

Nope. I am one of the first people to advocate for a strictly email related business. Except for when phone calls are absolutely necessary or just easier I always vote for email. Emailing ensures we have a paper trail of all correspondences that we can reference back to. Email also allows both of us to be flexible. Not having to play phone tag during the day to get ahold of one another or worrying about scheduling when we will call. My client portal is a great place to keep all emails in one place so you dont have to dig!

I love your work how do I book you for my wedding invitations?

I'm so glad to hear! Pop on over to my contact page love and fill out the short form with a message about what you are looking for. I will be in contact with you shortly to discuss further details! It's that simple!


Is there a minimum amount I can order?

Not at all!


Do you offer calligraphy addressing on my envelopes?

I do! Calligraphy is one of my specialities. Even if you do not order your invitation suite through Blush and Blue Designs, I can still complete the addressing of your envelopes! See my page all about calligraphy envelope addressing to learn more about this service. I'd be happy to help you!


I literally have no idea what I want

I know this isn't a question, but I hear it a lot. It's perfectly OK to not have a vision of what you want your invitation suite to look like. I have years of design experience to help out in just these cases! I'll start off with a few questions about your event and details that I think we can pull from for inspiration. Once I have all the facts I need I'll get to work crafting a custom design in the form of a sketch to go over what your suite will look like. Team work!


Do you offer gold foiling, letterpress or other speciality printing services?

I sure do! If you are interested in one of these specialty services please let me know at the beginning of your project so I can quote and prepare your timeline accordingly. 


Do you take care of the printing too?

Darling I take care of everything! Isn't that easy!? Working with Blush and Blue Designs ensures your entire invitation suite is taken care of from design phase to printing, assembly and mailing (if you choose to mail through us) or shipping. Our prices are all inclusive of these parts too, so there's no surprise billing at the end. You get a chance to relax knowing everything is getting done.