Branding and Identity Design

After nearly 8 years of professional experience as a graphic designer and art director designing logos and brand identities, the below process is my very own tried and true steps to brand development . The steps that follow are very similar to what you can expect if you hire Blush and Blue Design for your personal business logo. Branding is a part of design that is extremely close to my heart, much like typography, calligraphy and fine art. I have a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs alike find their identity within this amazing world of marketing. A successful identity and logo mark will help your brand distinguish not only who you are but what it is you are trying to do. Cleverly executed, your mark will be able to captivate your target market and become a memorable visual that can last you the lifetime of your brand. 



Below is what is included with each of the design packages. You can select the package and add ons you're interested in below and I will follow up right away with your customized proposal and my dates available to start your brand design!

Custom logo and Brand Design Process

Step 1

Client questionnaire.
My questionnaire focuses on getting to know you and your brand. Things like target audience, mission statements, products you offer, services you provide, help me understand the unique qualities of your brand that your logo should reflect. 

Step 2

Design brief
The brief is an integral part of the design process. This is where I will outline all your deliverables and our agreed upon timeline. Any printing quantities, add ons, and package details will also appear here.

Step 3

Concept and sketch
From here I will sketch and concept different marks and pieces that I think may capture your brand. Most of my clients trust me to work my “magic” and present options for a logo that I feel will work for their brand, however you are welcome to suggest elements you think may be appropriate for your logo and I can work them in if they fit the overall concept we agree upon in the brief. I know your brand is something you have coveted and cared for in your journey and I want only to strengthen that brand with a strong logo. 

Step 4

Initial Proof
Blush and Blue designs typically presents the best three to five options from the steps above for our first proofing round with our clients. I also typically only showcase this first round in black and white/ greyscale colors or sketches to ensure we are focusing only on the style of the design and general layout of your logo. Color is essentially the last thing I worry about when designing a strong logo. 

Step 5

From the initial proof round we may have a few additional rounds of sketch proofing based on your feedback. We will continue to refine these sketches until we get to a place where we both feel comfortable moving forward with one or two of the options.

Once we move forward I will introduce a brand color pallet and begin to showcase options for any original artwork that is part of the design such as calligraphy examples and watercolor illustrations. 

Step 6

Review and refine again
We will review the new options together and note any adjustments needed. Additional revisions may be needed to get the calligraphy just right or adding an additional color to your design. But we’re almost there!

Step 7

We made it! You have a gorgeous new logo that captures your brand perfectly and now I’m ready to create final vectorized (because it’s important that your logo be able to scale infinitely) artwork and begin putting together your brand assets folder for final handoff. All my brands receive their logo as a full color (4C) design; a 100% black (K); white (AKA reversed); greyscale; and an RGB web safe design. Each of these come in a .tiff, .svg, PDF, .eps, .jpg, and .png file formats so you are ready to use your brand across all platforms!