How to pick your invitation designer based on the style of your wedding

When picking your ideal stationery designer it’s important to note that every designer is a unique artist. They have spent countless hours and years perfecting their signature style and learning their trade. Each of us come from our own backgrounds and different inspirations drive our creativity. You can literally hand all of us the same materials and tell us to “draw a tree” and we will all draw it differently. That my friends is the power of the artistic mind. Isn’t it lovely?!

Photo by  Yessica Grace

Photo by Yessica Grace


As you search through the images that inspire your dream wedding make note of the styles that make your heart sing loudest. Is it soft watercolors, simplistic black and white with a fun splash of color, maybe you are more drawn to contemporary or Bohemian styles, maybe you love the look of computer illustrations and cheekiness. If you have a pinterest board you can easily see which styles speak to you most when you scroll through the page and start to see a cohesive “feel” across your board. This is your “style”. This is the unique touch that will set your wedding apart the same way an artist sets themselves apart from others. 


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With this style in mind now you can begin picking out your ideal stationery designer. Sure you may have had your heart set on an amazing mixed media artist who does crazy gorgeous work, but does that style jive with your now simplistic blue gold traditional wedding theme? If it does then great, reach out to that artist and see if they feel the same! On the other hand maybe you think someone with loose watercolor work would be better suited for your design needs instead, or you want a detailed hand drawn illustration of your venue to accompany a calligraphy rich invitation. Now you can begin searching the web for watercolor and calligraphy stationery designers. Once you have a few in mind reach out and describe your project and wedding details, we are always happy to recommend other artist as well, if your project doesn’t seem fitting for our style. 


Photo by  Lauren Taylor

Photo by Lauren Taylor

Photo by  Lauren Taylor

Photo by Lauren Taylor

Yes, that’s right, be prepared to be let down. Maybe there’s not enough room in your chosen designer's production calendar for your project, or maybe they’re not comfortable designing for the style you want. As artists we want to make sure we are able to deliver everything to you as perfect as you envision it. Sometimes this may mean though, not doing the work for you at all, and instead recommending another artist we know and trust who would be much better suited for your project. Please know that this is in no way meant to be taken personally. We know our work and we know what we can deliver. If your style is much different than what we typically offer we may not feel comfortable moving forward. We understand the importance of this step in your wedding; this is THE piece all your guests will see first, and collectively all stationery designers want the same thing—to see you happy! So if I feel I may not be the one who can make you happy I will gladly recommend a friend in the trade who I trust to get the job right.


Notice how I didn’t mention pricing? If you are interested in getting the most bang for your buck take the time to find a stationer who jives with your personality and truly gets your creative vision for your wedding. Guaranteed you will be much happier with the end results if your search is based on the quality and expertise of your designer rather than the price tag. Pricing stationery is sometimes difficult because their are many facets involved. Number of pieces, printing methods, papers, artwork, accessory details, everything adds up to your final price. This being said, when you reach out to your stationery designer, if they dont have an intake questionnaire for you be sure to have this info together. It will help us create a more accurate quote for you. 


Photo by  Ivy Bee

Photo by Ivy Bee

Well friends I hope that was a helpful starting point for you in choosing your stationery designer. I would love to hear from you if you found this helpful! Use the button below to reach out to me if you have any questions about the above or you want to chat about wedding invitations!